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5 Best Mouthguard for Basketball Players

5 Best Mouthguard for Basketball Players

Safety matters, whether you are a firefighter or a basketball player! In sports especially contact sports, safety goes through the roof when things get heated up. As far as basketball is concerned, the first line of defense is the mouth guard.
Mouthguards protect your teeth, gums, and other soft tissues covering them. Mouthguards feature an elastic surface that offers protection and absorbs the shocks directed to the mouth and its surrounding areas, distributing the impact evenly to the jaws’ entire region.

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5 Best Mouthguard for Basketball Players

Image Product Details   Price
backpac SHOCK DOCTOR GEL MAX MOUTHGUARD Best Overall Check Price
cordlessblower SISU AERO 1.6MM SPORTS MOUTHGUARD Thinnest mouthguard for basketball Check Price

Let’s get to the top 5 mouth guards reviews:


Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

Shock Doctor is a well-known manufacturer of mouthguards; they have wowed customers with their innovative sports protection gears for twenty years. They have been evolving their designs and using current technology to manufacture mouth guards that offer the best protection.


  • The gel fit liner technology allows the silicone molds of the mouthguard to fit your teeth and gums
  • The mouth guard features integrated breathing channels in its triple-layer design to allow breathability
  • The frame is made of a heavy-duty material that has excellent shock absorption and guarantees protection during impacts. Durability is also another great feature of this product
  • The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard is available in a wide range of color options
  • You can use this product while wrestling, boxing, and playing football and basketball


  • This sports mouthpiece includes a robust shock frame that offers most protection from the most brutal blows
  • The Mouth Guard is easy to wear and fits in comfortably
  • You can purchase this product online
  • The gel fit liner, multi-layer structure plus the shock frame offers protection without causing the wearer any discomfort


  • This cannot be worn with braces
  • The frame of this mouth guard is not very smooth, and it is also a little heavy


The word that people often associate with a mouth guard is discomfort. Under Armour made this product with comfort in mind. Sportspersons need to breathe deeply to have energy on the field, and for games like basketball, there needs to be frequent communication between players. Under Armour, mouth guard offers the best protection and at the same time allows you to breathe correctly, and you can also interact with teammates quickly. This particular piece from Under Armour is chew-resistant and durable. This guard is sold in three colors and is comparatively less expensive. Probably one of the best mouthguards for basketball players.


  • The UNDER ARMOUR STEPH CURRY BASKETBALL MOUTH GUARD is exclusively designed for basketball players
  • It includes Shock Doctor’s popular mouthguard technology
  • The gel fit liner design ensures that the product fits firmly and comfortable and offers perfect protection for your teeth, gums, and tongue
  • The dual-layer design provides advanced protection
  • If you love lemonade flavor, you are in luck because this chew-resistant mouth guard has a lemony flavor


  • It is branded after the famous basketball player – Steph Curry
  • The product features a low-profile design
  • Includes a gel fit liner for comfort and ease
  • For better protection, it comes with integrated Jaw Pads
  • This Mouth Guard does not limit speech and allows easy breathability
  • This product is durable and does not require frequent replacement
  • It has a fresh lemonade flavor
  • Can protect against hardest impacts


  • This mouth guard is thicker than others


SISU Mouth Guards Aero 1.6mm

This mouthpiece is strong enough to protect your mouth from hard blows and thin enough to let you talk, drink and breathe comfortably. This mouth guard is available in three different sizes – you can choose the right one based on the size of your mouth. This product features a moldable design, meaning you can fit in perfectly to your teeth and gums. The soft construction of this product offers excellent protection while playing basketball. You can use this while playing other sports such as football, lacrosse, and roller derby. This is overall the best mouthguard for basketball players you can find on the market right now.


  • Most basketball players fall in the height range of 5 – 6 feet, and they have a bigger jaw structure. And the SISU AERO 1.6MM is exclusively made for tall players.
  • This mouth guard is ultra-light and has a thickness of only 1.6mm. It is a shocking 50% thinner than the other mouthguards available in the market. Thanks to its slim design, you can talk, breathe and even drink comfortably while wearing this mouthguard.
  • This product also features the unique Diffusix technology that allows the mouthguard to absorb the impacts through its crumple zones
  • It has an optimal perforation pattern which makes it durable


  • Unlike the heavy-duty design featured in other models, this one has a super-light and slim design
  • Offer maximum protection and comfort to your mouth
  • You can easily mold the mouthguard using the bite-pads
  • Greatly minimizes risks and dental injuries during rough game moments


  • None


Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Trash Talker

This is another thin mouthguard. As the name suggests, it allows the user to speak comfortably and clearly and at the same time stay safe. It has a low-profile design and is made with a softer material. The material, however, is strong enough to diffuse the impact from even hockey impacts. This mouthguard uses the InVent Technology, which allows an enhanced airflow while playing a challenging game.
If you want a mouth guard that protects your teeth and gums and allows you to breathe and express your voice fully, you need to try the Shock Doctor Basketball Mouth Guard Trash Talker.


  • This mouthpiece is equipped with the innovative InVent technology, which allows increased and comfortable airflow and does not make you feel constricted
  • Don’t feel fooled by its thin design. This product is guaranteed to offer you the best protection from damage even while you are playing extreme sports. The gel windows are designed at the molars to provide a cushion effect at the back of your mouth during an impact.
  • The body of this mouthguard features flexible polymers along with integral bite pads to provide ultimate comfort. The mouth guard fits easily into your jaws and allows you to speak and shout without causing any discomfort.


  • The manufacturer guarantees the protection it provides
  • You can wear it with ease as it fits comfortably
  • Speaking, breathing and drinking will not be limited by this product
  • The gel windows absorb the impacts on the back of your jaw
  • The gel liner fits in perfectly, and it gives the feeling of a custom made mouthguard
  • The No-Mold technology prevents the burning of the gums while you are trying to put them on
  • Enhances the air-intake thanks to its InVent technology


  • The product comes in limited sizes. It is available for only those players who are above the age of 11


The Armour Hoops Collection features mouthpieces meant exclusively for basketball players. When it comes to any sport, three things are crucial – breathing, talking, and comfort. And the Under Armour Basketball Mouth Guard offers just that. The new gel fit liner and the Integrated Shock Doctor Technology make this product attractive to basketball players.

The adaptable design fits all bite patterns, and the dual-layer design provides complete protection against solid blows. And the unique benefit is the dental warranty that comes with the mouth guard. Sportspersons often face the issue of limited airflow. But this mouth guard has been proven to allow enhanced airflow and reduce the stress from clenching. It improves endurance and speeds up reaction time due to enhanced airflow.


  • It offers fit and comfort through its upgraded gel-fit liner technology. It snuggles into all types of tooth and gums and is great for prolonged use
  • The product is cleverly designed to match most bite patterns
  • This mouthguard is made especially for basketball players, but other sports players can also benefit from its twin-layer design for ultimate safety and protection.
  • The Dual Layer Design guarantees protection from all kinds of impacts and even offers a $10,000 dental warranty


  • Better protection, better breathing, better ease to speak
  • Reduces and diffuses impact to the entire jaw
  • It fits perfectly without causing any discomfort
  • It suits all types of bite patterns
  • Exclusively made for basketball players


  • It is slightly thicker


When it comes to buying sports gear, you can try it to see if it’s right for you, but it’s not possible when purchasing a Mouth Guard! But here are a few tips to consider before buying so that you bring home the right one –


Are you able to breathe, talk and drink while wearing the mouthpiece? Comfort and protection might seem mutually exclusive when it comes to Mouth Guards, but in reality, it’s not the case. The bulkier ones are known to offer the best protection from impacts, but the bigger it gets, the more it restricts your speech, breathing, and ease of drinking water. But above all, if the mouth guard rubs against your gums, it is not for you.

The Right Type

There are different types of Mouth Guards available in the market, such as –

  • Boil and bite
  • Custom Mouth Guard
  • One size fits all
  • Flavored mouth guards

The custom-made ones are usually the most expensive. For the boil and bite types, often users don’t get it right in the first attempt at molding. So you might have to mold it few times before you get the right shape. So make sure that the boil and bite type can survive multiple remoldings. The flavored mouth guards are perfect for players with bad breath issues. But on the downside, the flavors are very strong and last for a long time. Decide on what would work for you. It would help if you also looked into the ease with which you can wear it and how easy it is to clean.

Brace compatible

If you have braces choose a Mouth Guard that is compatible with braces. Some are not compatible with braces. A moldable mouthpiece would work best for you since when you wear braces, the dentition changes quickly.

Dental Coverage

Dental bills can be costly, so look for brands that provide dental coverage.

Best Mouthguard for Basketball Players Conclusion

Players have begun to realize the importance of using one. The previous designs were uncomfortable, but now you can choose from a wide range of comfortable and cooler options thanks to the improved technology. Make sure to read about the different types of Mouth Guards to pick the right one for you.

Our top recommendation for the best mouthguard for basketball players is Under Armour Steph Curry Basketball Mouth Guard or the SISU AERO 1.6MM for its versatility.