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Top 5 Best Mouthguard For Hockey Players

Best Mouthguard for Hockey

In this article, we are going to review the Best Mouthguard For Hockey.

The hockey playground is a battlefield. Like any battle, players need sufficient protection, particularly on their teeth.

Hockey allows you to execute force and energy – that means be prepared to experience significant impacts while you’re playing the game.

Hockey sticks cause detrimental issues if your mouth gets hit. (You don’t want to experience that and not play in the next game.) So, consider buying mouthguards for hockey.

But some players wouldn’t agree on buying a mouthguard. (You might also become lazy buying one.) Well, now is the time to change your mind.

Reasons why you need to wear mouthguards while playing hockey

Teeth Protection

Hockey, like football, requires players to perform massive blows. Hockey sticks are dangerous when it hits the face or teeth. Your teeth could be fractured, cracked, chipped, or knocked due to direct strikes on the face.

Don’t let this happen. Mouthguards protect your lips and cheeks from lacerations because of broken or chipped teeth. Also, players often bite down before a strong impact. (Mouthguards prevent players from biting their teeth.)

Acts as Shock Absorber

A massive blow to the chin results to force that travels from your chin towards the jaw bone, facial bones, and teeth. As a shock absorber, a mouthguard lessens the impact of the blow and prevents injuries. If you don’t want to have broken jaws chipped teeth, wear a mouthguard today!

Protection for Players Wearing Braces

Here’s the good news for players who have braces – mouthguards prevent serious injuries due to braces.  Once the mouth is hit, the braces can cause serious lacerations to your lips or inside of the mouth.  You can prevent these injuries if you’re wearing mouthguards.

Mouthguards don’t stick to braces because these come from flexible materials. Hence, mouthguards prevent damages to players wearing braces.

Provides Comfort

Hockey, like any sport, requires focus and concentration. But can hockey players concentrate and feel comfortable wearing mouthguards? Yes!

Mouthguard cover the player’s teeth and the bite should be balanced.  Thick mouthguards are the best choices because you wouldn’t bite down to keep the mouthguard in place. During a strong impact, mouthguards stay in a place that results in convenience for players.

Now, do mouthguards prevent concussions in players?

Well, there’s no proven evidence to that. But according to a 2009 review in the British Journal, players not wearing mouthguards experience concussions unlike players wearing the mouthpiece.

So, there’s a little proof that mouthguards might prevent concussions during games. But it still needs more proof until proven.

The Best Mouthguards for Hockey

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Shock Doctor Lip Guard/Mouthguard Maximum airflow breathing channel – 10% more than all Lip Guards Check Price
backpac Shock Doctor Convertible Mouthguard GEL-FIT LINER molds to teeth for a tight and comfortable fit Check Price
cordlessblower Under Armour ArmourBite Mouthguard Patented ArmourBite Power Wedges re-position and re-align jaw to boost performance when you grit your teeth Check Price
cordlessblower OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard DENTIST DESIGNED by the dentist who founded OPRO Check Price
cordlessblower Redline Sportswear Mouthguard You’ll find the easy-to-use boil and bite design to work great for kids and adult athletes.  Check Price

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Hockey players should consider the mouthguard’s thickness before buying one. You see, thick mouthguards separate your top and bottom teeth when you bite down. Also, thick material provides additional shock absorption that’s excellent for teeth and jaw protection.

Standard mouthguards are often thin and don’t provide excellent protection to players. So, you need to consider the product that you like to buy.

Do you already have ideas in mind?

If not, here are top mouthguards you can choose and buy on Amazon. Feel free to select the best mouthguard for hockey that’s right for you!

Shock Doctor Lip Guard/Mouthguard

Shock Doctor is one of the trusted brands when it comes to quality and durable mouthpieces. Perfect for hockey, football or any sport. Kids, adults, and athletes would be satisfied wearing the Shock Doctor mouthguard.

Shock Doctor Max Airflow

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.

The reinforced outer frame increases teeth, lip, and jaw protection. The high impact of technology makes breathing comfortable. That’s not all. Integral bite pads and polymers add to the convenience of any player.

Also, the different color assortment and design make Shock Doctor an excellent choice not only for hockey players but also for adults and kids.


  • Reinforced Outer Frame

Achieve top teeth protection with the reinforced outer frame of the Shock Doctor mouthpiece. Using high impact technology, users gain a reliable breathing channel that makes them comfortable in any game. Players with braces would also be happy wearing this mouthguard.

  • Flexible Integral Bite Pads and Polymers

When it comes to comfort, Shock Doctor doesn’t disappoint its consumers. Why? The mouthpiece has a superb design that relaxes the jaw and prevents your teeth from blocking the breathing channel.

  • Excellent Air Flow Capacity

Say goodbye to breathability issues in wearing a mouthguard. Shock Doctor’s airflow capacity enables players to take deep breaths of 10% flow capacity, unlike other products.

  • Different Colors and Designs

Buyers want different mouthpiece colors, and that’s what they get in buying the Shock Doctor mouthguard. Enter the hockey field in style with this mouthpiece. Hockey players, adults, and even kids could wear the product.


  • Offers $10,000 dental warranty
  • Different colors and style
  • Excellent Airflow breathing channel Integral bite pads and polymers for comfort
  • Works with braces
  • Cons

  • Limited design
  • Lower prices are only available on select options
  • Shock Doctor Convertible Mouthguard

    If you’re looking for a self-fit mouthguard, the Shock Doctor convertible mouthpiece is one of your best choices. The mouthguard’s NANO features provide a close fit but less bulk that’s good for airflow and breathing.

    Shock Doctor Nano 3D Convertible Mouthguard

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.

    The mouthpiece is an excellent shock absorber due to the Monocoque Shock Frame feature. Thanks to the reliable thin-wall design, the mouthguard absorbs any hard blow on the jaw, teeth, or lips. With the Tri-bite feature, you get superb fit and protection. Also, the Gel-fit liner allows the mouthguard to fit on your teeth perfectly.

    Despite these features, the mouthpiece isn’t for players wearing braces.


    • Monocoque Shock Frame

    Don’t worry about the significant impacts on the hockey field. The mouthguard’s shock frame is an excellent shock absorber so you wouldn’t experience teeth or jaw injuries.

    • Tri-bite Stabilizers

    Gain proper jaw upper and lower alignments with the Tri-bite feature. You achieve increased strength and performance using this mouthpiece.

    • Reliable Gel-Fit Liner

    Players, adults, and kids achieve an excellent fit because of the Gel-Fit liner custom molds. Hence, you can focus and concentrate during the whole hockey play.

    • Excellent NANO Inner Wall

    Prepare to achieve the perfect fit of the mouthguard in any game (besides hockey) because of the NANO inner wall feature.


  • Tight and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight structure (good for absorbing impacts)
  • Offers right upper and lower jaw alignment
  • Provides excellent airflow and breathing
  • Cons

  • Limited styles and design
  • Under Armour ArmourBite Mouthguard

    Be amazed by ArmourBite Technology as it improves your endurance, increases strength, and reduces stress in players. The patented silver-ion antimicrobial technology adds to protect the teeth, gums, and jaw bone.

    Under Armour ArmourBite Antimicrobial Multi-Sport Mouthguard

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    The Power Wedges offer optimal spacing between your teeth and prevent the harmful effects of teeth clenching.  Users can achieve a comfortable fit with the Polymer Shrink and the ArchFit system feature. You can talk and breathe comfortably with the Under Armour mouthguard.

    Boil the mouthpiece for 90 seconds to create the custom-like fit you want.

    That’s not all.

    The antimicrobial protection in the mouthguard prevents odors, stains, and mildew growth. Also, the $32,000 dental warranty isn’t something users ignore.

    But if you’re wearing braces, Under Armour isn’t the mouthguard for you. You’re welcome to choose other mouthguards on this list such as the Shock Doctor Mouthguard.


    • Has ArmourBite Technology

    Players would expect to increase their strength and improve their endurance with the ArmourBite Tech on the mouthpiece. Hence, you can excel in playing hockey without worrying about energy, stamina, and even stress.

    • Antimicrobial Technology

    One of the best mouthguard features of Under Armour is the antimicrobial function that prevents bacteria and fungus from damaging your gums and teeth. You would enjoy comfortable and healthy use of this mouthguard in each hockey game.

    • Superb Power Wedges

    Adequate and correct teeth spacing is essential so that players prevent teeth clenching during a game. Guess what? Under Armour offers Power Wedges that maintain teeth spacing. Thus, you counteract the harmful effects of clenching your teeth.

    • Polymer Shrink and ArchFit System

    Players (even kids and adults) deserve to have a perfect fit in using a mouthguard. With the Polymer Shrink and ArchFit feature, you don’t only achieve the perfect mouthguard fit but also comfortable breathing and talking.


  • Maintains optimal teeth spacing
  • Prevents damage to your teeth
  • Players can wear the mouthpiece strap or strapless
  • Offers comfortable fit
  • Boils in seconds
  • Cons

  • Doesn’t work with braces
  • Needs more color and design options
  • Quite expensive for some buyers
  • OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

    Like other mouthguards on this list, OPRO Power-Fit offers excellent protection to Hockey players. The unique hybrid design, inner gel channel, anatomical fins add to the reliable protection players deserve to have in playing sports.

    OPRO Power-Fit

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    OPRO Power-Fit has the Power Cage feature that’s an essential part of the custom fit advantage. With the two-piece system, the gum shields molds successfully to your teeth and gums quickly. You wait for less than three minutes to complete the molding process.

    Besides hockey, the OPRO Power-Fit mouthguard is also suitable for different sports such as:

    • MMA
    • Rugby
    • Football
    • Boxing
    • Wresting

    Athletes from these different sports are welcome to choose the mouthguard design and size they want. The OPRO Power-Fit mouthpiece also has a $20, 0000 warranty, so you have peace of mind while wearing this product.

     But here’s one of the drawbacks – the OPRO mouth isn’t compatible with braces (Sorry for those players wearing braces.)


    • Dual-Layer Outer Shell

    Don’t worry about high-impact blows because OPRO has a double layer outer shell that’s an excellent shock absorber. The round spreads the prominent force on a large area. Hence, no injuries on your teeth and gums.

    • Unrivaled Fitting Fins

    Hockey requires focus and concentration, so players need a custom-fit mouthguard that allows them to focus on the game. The fitting fins grip your teeth in the perfect place so that you speak, breathe, and focus on playing the game.

    • Fast Molding Process

    You don’t have to wait long to finish the molding process. In less than three minutes, users gain a perfect fit with the OPRO Power-Fit mouthguard.


  • Absorbs high impact blows
  • Offers excellent teeth and gum protection
  • Custom-fit advantage
  • Suitable for all athletes
  • Perfect for other contact sports as well
  • Cons

  • Needs design improvements
  • The molding process isn’t the fastest compared to other mouthguards
  • Redline Sportswear Mouthguard

    One of the trusted and best mouthguards on this list is the Redline Sportswear mouthguard. The mouthpiece has a dual-layer technology that has an exterior impact layer and inner gel design. The mouthpiece gives a perfect fit that protects gums, teeth, jaw, and lips.

    Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard

    As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.

    Buyers don’t need to find the right size of the mouthpiece. Why?  Redline Sportswear offers different sizes that fit athletes. Redline Sportswear mouthpiece is also perfect for different sports such as rugby, football, soccer, boxing, and more. So, even non-hockey players benefit from Redline Sportswear.

    Also, the mouthguard has safe materials that guarantee great use for all athletes. Like the other mouthguards on this list, Redline Sportswear mouthguard has a competitive price. Feel free to choose from different colors!


    • One Size Fits All

    Do you have trouble finding the right mouthguard for you? Then, the Redline Sportswear mouthpiece is the solution you need. Athletes are welcome to choose the mouthguard size that they like.

    • Boil and Bite Design

    Kids and adults don’t have to wait long for the molding process of the mouthguard. With the boil and bite design, users would get the custom-fit mouthpiece they prefer easily

    • Dual-Layer and Gel-lined Design

    Every athlete deserves the perfect and comfortable fit mouthguard. Well, thanks to the dual-layer feature of Redline Sportswear, you and other athletes gain satisfaction.


  • Different sizes for all
  • Custom-fit advantage
  • Free carrying case
  • Mold and bite technology
  • Cons

  • Mouthguard design needs improvement
  • No airflow features
  • Conclusion

    An athlete’s mouthguard choice should always focus on quality.  Don’t waste your money on non-tested or not approved mouthguards. Make sure that the mouthpiece you buy has excellent features such as the mouthguards above.

    We hope that you learned something from our article and decided what is the best mouthguard for hockey that is perfect for you.

    Remember: your mouthguard choices should also reflect your comfort and satisfaction. So, you choose the best mouthguard for hockey now and gain protection in each hockey match!

    Thank you for reading our top 5 Best Mouthguard for Hockey!