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5 Best Mouthguards for Wrestling in 2024

Wrestling has many different forms. It is a combat sport which means it can be quite dangerous. Grappling techniques such as clinch fighting, joint locks, pins, takedowns, and throws can really hurt if you are not experienced in this discipline.

Wrestling is a sport that can be traced back in history 15,000 years to Babylon and Egypt where cave drawings of people wrestling were found. Nowadays wrestling techniques are integrated into military training and other combat sports. so what is the Best Mouthguard For Wrestling

Quick Overview

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Champs Combat Sports Mouthguard Best for wrestling Check Price
backpac OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard Runner up Check Price
cordlessblower Venum Predator Mouthguard   Check Price
cordlessblower Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard   Check Price
cordlessblower Venum Challenger Mouthguard   Check Price

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Best Mouthguard For Wrestling

As a combat sport where you are learning technique and skills to dominate an opponent a good mouth guard is not only a wise choice but a requirement of westeling

In this article, we are going to show you the best mouthguard so you can keep your teeth and jaw safe.

With the wrong choice of mouthguard both students and athelets complain about the fact that they are not able to breathe properly, however with the right mouthguard you are are not going to gas out on the mat, its your fitness and skill that will hold you back.

Champs Combat Sports Mouthguard

This is a boil and bite mouthguard that features a soft gel inner layer and a strong rigid outer shield that will withstand any blow or impact force that comes your way.

Champs Combat Sports Mouthguard

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The centralised air holes allow you to breathe easily and will not shut during the molding process. 

This mouthguard is great for many contact sports including MMA, boxing, BJJ, and wrestling. It offers everything you might need. Advanced breathability technology, double layer protection, the molding process is easy enough that a complete beginner can get it right, and it also comes with a case so you can keep the mouthguard in it while you are not wearing it.


  • good breathability
  • easy fitting
  • double layer construction
  • comes with a case


  • not recommended for use with Braces

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

The OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard was created with a very unique hybrid design, inner gel channel, dual-layer shell on the outside of the mouthguard, shock-absorbing interior layer, and many other technologies to offer you solid protection of your teeth and jaw.

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard - Best Mouthguard For Wrestling

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The creator of this mouthguard is a former dentist that wanted to share his ideas about mouthguards with the world and make it a lot better than its competitors.

The main advantage of this mouthguard is the dual-layer system that absorbs high force shocks and spreads it over a large area so it does not hurt your teeth and jaw. It is easy to breathe while wearing it and the fitting process takes about 3 minutes.

This product is available in two sizes, adult – ages 10+ and junior – for ages up to 10. There are also a big number of colors and styles available.

The OPRO Power-Fit is trusted by professional athletes and is the official mouthguard for UFC, USA Wrestling, England Rugby, and many other sports teams.


  • Ultimate protection due to the dual-layer technology
  • Ultra-fit gel for superior comfort
  • Easy to breathe
  • Perfect fit
  • Comes with a case


  • Does not work with braces

Venum Predator Mouthguard

The Venum Predator is the perfect balance between protection, flexibility, and a great fit. Its shape allows for a comfortable fit and an easy molding process while making breathing and speaking very easy.

Venum Predator Mouthguard for wrestling

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The dual-core design is perfect for absorbing high-impact forces. The mouthguard absorbs the force and disperses it into the most solid points of your jaw. Because the force is distributed in more points you will not feel the huge impact on your teeth and jaw thus keeping them safe.

This mouthguard is a one-size mouthguard that is designed for adults. You can adjust its size when molding but it`s not going to be a huge difference so make sure you are not buying this for a kid.


  • Next fit Gel Frame improves comfort
  • The High-Density Rubber Frame for maximum protection
  • Engineered for optimal breathing
  • Comes with the Venum Mouthguard Case


  • Since this is geared towards adults you might not be able to use it if you have a small mouth
  • Not recommended for people with braces

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

The Gel Max is a boil and bite mouthguard that was designed to be accessible and can be used for many sports including contact sports like wrestling, boxing, MMA, Judo, Roller Skating.

Shock Doctor Gel Max

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The triple-layer protection system makes this mouthguard a great overall protective mouthpiece that is ideal for kids and adults alike without being too expensive.

With this mouthguard, you get full mouth protection due to the heavy-duty exoskeleton frame, integrated breathing channels for optimal airflow, and an easy molding process. Gel-fit technology and silicone mold forms make the Gel Max Mouthguard comfortable and secure in your mouth. Because it was crafted using heavy-duty silicone you can expect serious durability from it. One disadvantage might be the fact that is not recommended to be used with braces since it might get stuck due to the inner gel layer used to offer protection.


  • Full mouth protection
  • Easy to mold and fit
  • Optimal air-flow
  • Durable


  • No protective case
  • Smaller size

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

The Venum Challenger Mouthguard was designed to reduce and prevent injuries to your lips, teeth, arches, jaw, and gums. Created to be a simple yet effective mouthguard that will become a perfect fit for your teeth in order to maximize protection.

Venum Challenger

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Comfort and breathability are features that the creators of this mouthguard did not forget about. You get a product with improved comfortability due to the advanced gel frame and a breathing channel for better performance.

Mouth protection is assured because of the lower rubber frame breaks that will absorb and disperse any shock wave. The mouthguard is great for combat sports like MMA, Wrestling, BJJ, Karate, and Boxing. Also, it comes with a sanitary protective case and is available in 13 different colors. Some people with braces use this mouthguard but they mentioned you need to pay attention when you will mold it.


  • High-density rubber for solid protection
  • Easy fit
  • NeXT Gel Frame for better comfort
  • Includes sanitary mouthguard case


  • Difficult to talk while wearing it

Final Thoughts On Best Mouthguard For Wrestling

Choosing a mouthguard that is perfect for you can be a hard task. After we reviewed the best mouthguards available on the market at the moment we recommend that you give OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard a try. It offers great protection for money and the best part is that many world-renowned sports teams use it, including the USA Wrestling. 

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