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Best Sports Mouthguard for Braces

Best Sports Mouthguard for Braces

Braces can be a challenge for many people. It’s not always easy to find the best sports mouthguard that is comfortable and doesn’t rub against the braces but protects the inside of the lips from being cut by the braces .

We’ve compiled a list of the best mouthguards available on the market right now and reviewed each our choices so you can make an informed choice about which one is best suited for your needs.

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Best Sports Mouthguard for Braces

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard The best mouthguard for braces Check Price
backpac SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard for Braces Runner up Check Price
cordlessblower Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard Budget mouthguard Check Price
cordlessblower Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard No boil mouthguard for braces Check Price

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Here are the best sports mouthguards for people with braces:

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard

The Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard is a 100% medical-grade silicone mouth guard designed to sit on top of brackets and protect the teeth.

It’s ergonomically and ready for instant use and fit with no molding required. The Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard is an athlete-tested product providing protection in every sport including football, roller derby, soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc.

Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.”

Do you want to keep your braces safe while you’re fighting on the field or trying to score that last goal? This might be just what you need! Avoid injury by investing in the new Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouthguard!

The Shock Doctor Double Braces Mouth Guard is made of high-quality, medical-grade silicone. It has no rough edges or materials that cause irritation and it’s latex-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free.

The mouthguard comes in two sizes (youth and adult) to best suit your needs. It is available both strapped or strapless and comes in many different colors and styles.

This mouthguard offers you the protection you want without sacrificing comfort. You can have peace of mind knowing this mouthguard meets international standards for safety requirements, impact absorption rates, and fatigue resistance tests known to make them last longer than the competition.

SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard for Braces

Energy smashes into teeth at high speeds, the applied force is the leading cause of injury in sports. The SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard for Braces utilizes innovative technology to provide complete protection against these harmful forces!

SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard for Braces

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Safes Jawz is a mouthguard and teeth protector for people with braces. With the SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard, you never have to worry about biting your bracket or scaring your lower lip while wearing braces. The patented Brace Harbour design protects against both upper and lower brackets!

SAFEJAWZ’S FLUID FIT technology provides excellent retention and a secure fit. It will conform to the shape of your teeth and stay in the mouth – right where it’s meant to be!

If you don’t get a good fit, try the remolding technique again. You may repeat the fitting procedure as many times as necessary until you get the ideal fit. This can also be done throughout your orthodontic treatment as your teeth transform.

Safejaws mouthguard is ideal for those who wear braces, and it protects your teeth and lips from getting damaged. The guarantee you will get the perfect fit or your money back!

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard

Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guards offer protection from impact with a shock-absorbing front bumper. They provide highly practical protection for players of contact sports, and their boil & bite fit provides a comfortable fit that can be reformed as needed.

shock doctor pro mouthguard review

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.”

An internal shock-absorbing frame in this multi-layer design provides superior protection and comfort when compared to traditional mouthguards.

The mouthguard is available in both strapless and strapped versions. Only one color/style is available but you can choose from two different mouthguard sizes.

Protect your teeth from contact sports with the Shock Doctor Pro Mouth Guard. This mouth guard will work great for any contact sport where a mouthguard is required or recommended, such as football, basketball, lacrosse, hockey, and more!

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

The Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard is the solution for maximum protection during sports activity.

The large breathing hole on this composite football mouth guard delivers oxygen to the muscles, delivering stamina and performance. You can also use it with a strap that can be adjusted between upper and lower teeth.

Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.”

Braces are not an issue – just bite down into the soft material of the guard. This makes it suitable for almost any wearer. With its affordable price point, protective design, and dental guarantee, this NFL-approved protector could save you from missing your next big chance at winning!

This football mouthguard is unlike anything on the market today. It’s highly customizable and comfortable to wear, meaning that it can be fitted with or without braces for extra protection.

The innovative design helps power your performance by ensuring a constant supply of breathable oxygen. It also comes with a dental guarantee so you don’t have to worry about your teeth chipping.

Step into the game knowing that you have everything you need to stay safe, including protection from impacts on the field through the BATTLE Mouthguard

Which mouthguard is best for braces?

As a person wearing braces and needing a mouthguard, you’re going to need something that will protect your lips from getting cut or injured by your teeth while playing sports.

If you are playing a contact sport, then the best choice would have to be the SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard for Braces. This mouthguard has been designed specifically for people who wear braces and it will protect your teeth from getting damaged by impact during sports activity.

If you are playing football, you most likely going to want a different mouthguard. A perfect choice would be the Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard, which is best suited for football because of the large breathing hole that delivers oxygen to your muscles, increasing stamina.

Frequently Asked Questions

What mouthguards work with braces?

All of the mouthguards reviewed in this blog post are compatible with braces. However, depending on what sport you are playing and your specific needs it is best to pick the one that best suits your situation.
Generally, you want to avoid mouthguards that use gel technology on the inside. This can cause some serious problems if you wear braces.

Can you use a Battle mouthguard with braces?

Yes, Battle mouthguards can be used with braces. They actually have been designed to fit most wear styles and best of all, they are affordable!
The Battle Oxygen Lip Protector Mouthguard we reviewed above is perfect for anyone who is playing football. It will best protect your teeth from impacts and it’s easy to breathe because of the large breathing hole that delivers oxygen straight into your muscles, giving you more energy!

Should I wear a mouthguard with braces?

You should but you have to make sure it is compatible with braces. If it is not, you could risk injuring your braces which can lead to expensive dental bills.
Most mouthguards will work well with braces but if you find one that best suits your situation then go for it! Make sure to have a comfortable fit and best of all you are protecting yourself from injury!
This way you minimize the risk for injury. So you can focus on winning the game.

Is there a special mouthguard for braces?

Yes, there are special mouthguards for braces.
While playing different sports you need to use a specific type of mouthguard because not all work well with braces. Some have gel technology inside which could damage the brackets on your teeth while wearing them so it’s best to avoid them.
In this best sports mouthguard for braces blog post, we reviewed several types of mouthguards compatible with braces and some specific for each sport like football or basketball. It is best to know which one you need before picking out your perfect guard!

Is Shock Doctor Good for braces?

Shock Doctor offers quite a few mouthguards that work with braces. They are very effective and best of all affordable! There is a whole range in sizes so it’s best to find the perfect fit!

Do you need a double mouthguard for braces?

Not really. You can wear a double mouthguard or a normal one. Double mouthguards are also bulky compared to regular ones. They offer more protection though.

Final thoughts

We hope you found this post helpful, and we wish you the best of luck on your search for a mouthguard!