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Shock Doctor Superfit Mouthguard Review

Shock Doctor Superfit Mouthguard Review + Fitting Tips

About Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor started selling mouthguards in 1993 under the name of EZ Guard Industries and sold the first fully engineered mouthguard.

Since then Shock Doctor continued to innovate and create their own style of mouthguards like the Gel Max. All of that made this company the leader in the mouthguard industry with more than 10,000 retail locations.

Shock Doctor Superfit Mouthguard Review

Created with the athlete’s needs in mind, this Superfit mouthguard does not hinder your abilities on the field or on the court. Shock Doctor Superfit allows you to breathe and is very comfortable to wear.

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It offers all the features of a premium mouthguard. You can speak and breathe easily, easy to fit without using boiled water, solid protection for your mouth, great for a multitude of sports, available in two versions (strapped and strapless), and a nice $10,000 dental warranty. All of this at a very fair price.

Shock Doctor Superfit Features

The low profile design and fit are the perfect balance between protection and comfortability. You get a mouthguard that will protect your teeth and jaw without feeling bulky or annoying to wear.

EZ Fit technology allows you to mold this mouthguard without boiling the water so you can stop being afraid of burning your mouth. If you don`t get the right fit from the first try you can repeat the process and do it again. This product supports several remolds.

The strong outer layer is a great defense mechanism that will absorb any serious shock and the gel pads near molars will disperse forces at the back of your mouth.

InVent tech offers a boost in airflow for improved breathability and ease of speaking.

This product is backed by a $10,000 dental warranty. This is the Shock Doctor of saying you can completely trust this mouthguard to protect your teeth and jaw.

It is a great mouthpiece for a variety of sports including Basketball, Lifting, Hockey, Wrestling, and more! Some people tried to use it for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and they reported that it works great.

Two versions are available: strapless and strapped.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.


  • Solid protection and comfort at a great price.
  • You can mold it several times without destroying it. Instead of boiled water, you can use warm water so your mouth is safe from burning.
  • It allows you to breathe and talk pretty easily.
  • Not a bulky mouthguard but just as protective. Kids around the age of 10 can use it and will feel comfortable enough to not worry about it.
  • Available in a wide variety of colors and a couple of flavored versions too.


  • Unfortunately, it does not work for people with braces.
  • During the molding process, you have to pay extra attention to the temperature of the water or you risk to completely destroy the mouthguard.

Shock Doctor Superfit Mouthguard Fitting Instructions

Just like we mentioned before you have to be careful when molding this mouthguard. Here are the things you need before starting the molding process:

  • temperature strip (included in the package) or thermometer
  • slotted spoon
  • mirror
  • bowl
  • pot/pan
  • timer
  • 16 oz. glass measuring cup

Molding process

Heat 16 oz. water in the microwave but do not boil. Pour 12 oz. in the glass measuring cup. Fully immerse the temperature strip provided in the mouthguard package. Add small amounts of room temperature water to lower the temperature. DO NOT IMMERSE THE MOUTHGUARD IN THE HOT WATER.

The right temperature is around 145-150 degrees. Check the temperature strip to see if the indicator is green/gold in color. If you have the flavor fusion you can drop the temperature to 135-140 degrees.

Submerge the mouthguard face up in the water.

Wait 35-40 seconds before removing the mouthguard (after 30 move the mouthguard slightly to avoid it sticking to the bottom).

Handle it gently because it is very pliable. Make sure the teeth channels are straight and ready to fit in your mouth.

Center and align it on the upper teeth. Push up on the mouthguard and slowly bite down with the front teeth to initiate a custom impression. Use the mirror to see what is going on.

Firmly press outside the mouthguard against the front row of your teeth and gums, then suck in air to create a vacuum while continuing to compress the mouthguard against teeth and gums.

Maintain pressing against teeth with a firmer bite until the mouthguard starts to harden, continue for approximately 4 minutes to get a custom adjustment.

Drinking and swirling ice-cold water for 2-3 minutes can speed up the hardening process.

Remove the mouthguard and place it in ice-cold water for 3-5 minutes. After this check to see the fit. If is not as tight as intended you can repeat the warming process.

Here is a video explaining the whole molding process

Conclusion of Shock Doctor Superfit Mouthguard Review 

If you need a mouthguard for sports like Basketball, Hockey or Lacrosse then you should try the Shock Doctor Superfit.

Many people are happy about making the decision to try this mouthguard. You can have solid protection and other convenient features like breathability and speakability for a very fair price.