4 Best Mouthguard For Powerlifting

Best Mouthguard For Powerlifting

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Intro about powerlifting

Powerlifting is a sport that requires a lot of strength. It consists of three attempts at maximal weight on three lifts (bench press, squat, and deadlift). For the Olympic weightlifting, the athletes attempt to lift a maximal weight on a single lift. Powerlifting evolved over the years from an odd lifting competition like the strongman competition to a more standardized sport.

During competitions, athletes can perform equipped or un-equipped (known as raw lifting or classic lifting). Equipment means a supportive bench shirt or squat/deadlift suit or briefs. Sometimes equipment like knee wraps, belts, wrist wraps, and special footwear are allowed.

The history of powerlifting goes as far as ancient Greek and Persian times where men lifted heavy stones to prove their strength.  

Best Mouthguard For Powerlifting

If you want to continue to enjoy powerlifting and be safe and healthy you need to use protective gear. You don`t want a craking tooth during lifts. Mouthguards will help you protect your jaw muscles, improve your breathing, prevents headaches and will improve your strength. These are some serious reasons to start wearing one if you don`t wear them already.

New Age Performance 6DS Sports and Fitness Mouthpiece

This product is a very technical and sophisticated mouthguard. It will take a while for it to feel enjoyable to wear (5-7 days) but the protection it offers it`s well worth the effort. The New Age Performance 6DS is for serious athletes and will offer many benefits while wearing it. 



The 6 dimensions mouthguard will help you stabilize your jaw and prevents teeth grinding. Don`t forget that it will need 5-7 days to fully adapt to your jaw.

The mouthguard average lifetime is 3 months if used 3-4 times per week. It`s quite a durable mouthguard considering the pressure force it faces.

The New Age Performance 6DS is a one size fits all mouthguard that should work for ages 13+ and adults. It is available in 8 colors Army Green, Black, Blue, Clear, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, and Red.


This is probably one of the best mouthguards for powerlifting.


  • teeth and jaw protection
  • added balance
  • endurance and strength
  • more flexibility


  • not for people with braces
  • fitting instructions are not the best

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouthguard

This is a cheaper alternative compared to the previous mouthguard but it gets the job done. If you read people`s reviews online you will see this mouthguard mentioned quite a lot.

Shock Doctor Gel Mx Mouthguard Review


Usually, it is a great product for contact sports like MMA, football, boxing but the heavy-duty exoskeleton frame and gel-liner are great for protecting your teeth against grinding and makes the mouthguard withstand great pressure forces.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Features

Cutting edge technology that helps protect your teeth, jaw, tongue, and gums.

The integrated breathing channels allow you to breathe quite easy.

Heavy-duty silicone and the triple-layer design make this mouthguard durable and strong against impact forces.



  • Heavy-duty frame and triple-layered design offer solid protection for your teeth, jaw, tongue, and gums
  • Easy to breathe while wearing it
  • Custom-fit – boil and bite
  • Easy to mold


  • Not recommended if you have braces
  • Some users report kids sizing problems

Impact Custom Professional All Sports Mouthguard

This is a little bit different than the other mouthguards. When you buy this product you get fit kit that allows you yo make an impression of your teeth. It only takes 2 minutes and is easy to do. After that, you need to send the impression back and one of the experts will create the best mouthguard for your mouth. It is the best because it will fit perfectly and will feel comfortable. 

Impact Custom Professional MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Mouthguard


This mouthguard is used for contact sports like BJJ, MMA,  boxing and others but there are some powerlifters who tried this one and decided to continue to wear it. It gets to job done and if probably one of the best for that price.

Features of the Impact Custom Mouthguard

It`s a custom mouthguard so you get a product that will feel comfortable and keep your teeth and jaw safe at the same time.

More than 25,000 mouthguards handcrafted by dental experts.

It allows you to breathe and communicate.

Perfect mouthguard for a wide variety of sports: lacrosse, rugby, soccer, hockey and more.

Available in a variety of colors and designs.



  • Perfect Fit
  • Solid Protection for your teeth and jaw
  • Easy to breathe and communicate
  • BPA Free


  • If you don`t make an exact impression of your teeth it`s not going to fit

New Age Performance 5DS Sports and Fitness Mouthpiece

This mouthguard is similar to the 6DS already reviewed in this article. Developed for non-combat sports, the 5DS mouthguard is designed to stabilize the 5 dimensions of your jaw. It will not hinder your breathing abilities and allows you to communicate while wearing it.

New Age Performance 5DS Sports and Fitness Mouthpiece


Make sure to remember you will need to wear it for a while in order for the jaw to fully adapt to it. 5-7 days should be enough.

You can find it in one size fits all which means it`s suitable for the ages of 13+.

Features of the New Age Performance 5DS

Stabilizes your jaw and protect your teeth from grinding.

It provides an enhanced overall level of performance.

In normal conditions, it can last you for about 3 months. Assuming you use it 3-4 times per week.



  • Protects teeth from grinding
  • Improved airflow
  • Durable


  • Avoid it if you have braces

Reasons to Wear a mouthguard

If you enjoy powerlifting or weightlifting you probably saw some professional athletes wear mouthguards. You might be wondering why they wear mouthguards but there are many reasons behind this. 

Powerlifting or weightlifting can be a dangerous sport. The massive amount of pressure is felt by your entire body, especially the mouth. If you feel pain in the jaw after a session of lifting then you should get a mouthguard immediately. That can cause big problems in the long run. While you are lifting you can also clench your teeth and damage them. Mouthguards are quite cheap and you can order one online very fast. 

Here are the main reasons to wear a mouthguard while powerlifting:

  • Prevents headaches
  • Stops teeth grinding
  • Prevents cracking your teeth
  • Improved breathing
  • Some people say it increases strength

Final Thoughts On Best Mouthguard For Powerlifting

If you still don`t know what mouthguard to choose we can recommend you the New Age Performance 6DS since it was specially designed for powerlifting and weightlifting. The reasons for this choice are simple. The 6DS mouthguard offers the protection needed for your teeth and jaw while being durable enough and allowing you to breathe easily.

We hope that you decided what is the Best Mouthguard For Powerlifting that will protect your teeth and jaw.