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5 Best Mouthguards for MMA in 2023 (Buying Guide & Review)

Best Mouthguard For MMA

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA has been around for years. As a combat sport that allows you to engage in grappling and striking, MMA requires players to wear protective gear. In this article, we will show you the best mouthguard for MMA.

Well, a mouthguard might be the least of your considerations in choosing our martial arts supplies. Yes, wearing a mouthguard feels weird and uncomfortable at first. But think of possible scenarios if your mouth is hit.

With a mouthguard, you can get back on the ring without suffering mouth injuries.  People who don’t use this essential martial art equipment spend weeks or months in the hospital.

Don’t let it happen to you.

5 Best Mouthguards for MMA

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Impact Custom Mouthguards Best Custom Mouthguard For MMA SEE BEST PRICE
backpac Shock Doctor Mouthguard Gel-fit Liner Technology is easy to fit, the mold forms to your teeth and gums, providing a comfortable fit. SEE BEST PRICE
cordlessblower SISU Max Mouthguard The slim, custom fit makes it easy to talk, breathe and drink without removing the guard. SEE BEST PRICE
cordlessblower Venum Challenger Mouthguard Great for MMA, martial arts, and all contact sports. SEE BEST PRICE
cordlessblower RDX Mouthguards   SEE BEST PRICE

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Here’s a review of the best mouthguards you can buy:

Impact Custom Mouthguards
(Best Mouthguard for MMA)

New and pro fighters wear impact custom mouthguards for MMA, boxing, and other combat sports. These mouthguards come with a kit that has paid the postage to the dentist. Impact custom mouthguards take a mold of a fighter’s teeth so that the user wears the guard comfortably.

Impact Custom Professional MMA/Boxing/Muay Thai Mouthguard

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These mouthguards are a solid investment that provides security and protection to your teeth and jaws. So, you can buy an impact custom mouthguard whether you’re competing or training and you will understand why it is one of the best mouthguard for MMA.


  • Excellent protection with a minimalist feel

Athletes of all ages could wear the mouthguard comfortably. The excellent mouthguard design allows MMA fighters to fight confidently without worrying about teeth injuries. Young and old athletes gain excellent protection using this mouthguard.

  • Enables optimal oxygen flow

Smooth oxygen flow allows athletes to speak and communicate easily while wearing the mouthguard. If you want to experience comfort, the impact of a custom mouthguard is your excellent choice.

  • Easy to use impression kit

Teeth impressions using the impact custom only take 2 ½ minutes to complete. You follow the simple instructions on the kit, and you send the impression to the company that would create your guard. Expect to receive a custom-fitted mouthguard you would be proud to wear.


  • Durable, long-lasting mouthguard
  • Ultimate protection
  • Perfect for your mouth
  • Different colors


  • Expensive

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

From Boxing to MMA, Shock Doctor offers reliable mouthguards. Shock Doctor Mouthguard users get a $10,000 warranty. The integrated breathing channels allow an athlete to breathe easily during a match or training. Hence, mouthguard users achieve maximum performance at all times.

Shock Doctor Mouthguard

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If you want heavy-duty protection, the Exoskeletal Shock Frame feature gives this to you. MMA fighters would gain excellent protection against punches and kicks from other fighters. For an excellent fit, the gel-fit liner is present in Shock Doctor.

You experience the comfortable fit and extended use of the mouthguard due to the gel-fit liner.


  • Integrated Breathing Channel

Athletes feel comfortable in wearing a Shock Doctor Mouthguard due to its breathable channel. Hence, athletes could experience maximum performance using the mouthguard.

  • Excellent Exoskeletal Shock Frame

Don’t worry about facing hard impacts and shock when you’re training or part of MMA. The Exoskeletal Shock Frame feature adds protection to your teeth. Thus, you would prevent any impact from damaging your teeth.

  • Heavy-duty silicone

Using Gel-fit Liner technology, the silicone materials fit perfectly to your teeth and gums. That’s not all.  Silicone also works well with the Triple Layer Design to add durability and protection to your teeth, gums, and jaw.

  • Perfect fit

The Shock Doctor Mouthguard is perfect for MMA athletes of all ages due to its perfect fit feature. With this mouthguard, you’re comfortable making striking or grappling moves.


  • Awesome Return Policy
  • Exoskeletal shock frame for additional protection
  • Different color choices
  • Gel-fit liner offers perfect fit and comfort


  • Not compatible with braces

SISU Max Mouthguard

MMA fighters looking for a light and perfect fit mouthguard wouldn’t be disappointed using the SISU mouthguard.


The custom fit and slim design of this mouthguard make it easy for users to speak, breathe, or drink. Get ready to experience comfortable training with the SISU mouthguards.

SISU Max Mouthguard

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Players would love to use the mouthguard for sparring and rolling sessions due to its ultralight design. Yes! Convenience and maximum performance are within your reach with the light design of this mouthguard.

That’s not all.

SISU mouthguards are one of the best value mouthguards on Amazon today, so it’s worth your money. Besides, Dental Protection for buyers is another great feature you can’t ignore. Come and try the SISU mouthguard and who knows, this might be the right mouthguard you’re looking for.


  • Dental Protection Warranty for Athletes Ages 11 and Up

SISU mouthguard users have premium warranty protection that covers young and old athletes. Athletes gain assurance that wearing SISU mouthguards provide security and protection to them due to the warranty.

  • Ultralight Design

Unlike other mouthguards on the market, SISU mouthguards are 30% thinner. What does this mean? Users of the mouthguard feel convenience and comfort during their fights or training. The design matches every player’s preference for buying a mouthguard.

  • Slim Custom Fit

Do you experience breathing difficulty using your old mouthguard? Don’t let that happen again! With the custom fit design of the SISU mouthguard, players wouldn’t face trouble talking, breathing, or even drinking.

  • Wide Bite Pad

A wide bite pad is one of the great features that a mouthguard should have. Why? With wider mouth pads, users gain a perfect fit in using the mouthguard. Also, the improved mold-ability ensures not only the right fit but also comfort to the user.


  • Wide bite pads and round edges secure excellent moldability for users
  • The slim fit design gives convenience to users
  • Superb breathability feature
  • Different mouthguard colors
  • Lightweight design for convenience


  • Not as durable compared to other mouthguards

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

The Venum mouthguard is one of the trusted mouthguards in the market. Well, who doesn’t want a guard that offers superb teeth protection and comfort?

Of course, everyone loves a mouthguard that’s easy and convenient to use. The Venum Challenger is the right mouthguard that every player needs.

Venum Challenger Mouthguard

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Why? Venum has the Nexfit Gel Frame that provides good guard adjustment and convenience. Fighters could wear the mouthguard without worries about facing problems. The advanced design offers comfortable breathing during practices and sparring sessions.

The density rubber frame feature provides safety and security to the next level. You avoid teeth injuries due to the heavy-duty rubber frame. Also, users gain excellent hygiene using the protective case of the mouthguard.


  • Better Adjustment and Comfort with the Nexfit Gel Frame

Players and athletes always consider comfort in buying mouthguards. So, they wouldn’t be disappointed in choosing the Venum Challenger mouthguard. Why? Venum has Nexfit Gel Frame that gives comfort and adjustment in wearing the mouthguard. Hence, they can use Venum easily and reach their maximum performance in any combat sport.

  • Advanced Design

Nothing beats advanced design technology when it comes to mouthguards. Guess what? Venum mouthguards have an advanced design feature that allows users to talk and breathe easily even during a fight or sparring session. Venum does a practice or fights session easy for you due to the comfortable design it has.

  • Density Rubber Frame

Shock management is important when it comes to selecting the best mouthguards. Why? A reliable mouthguard prevents teeth and gum injuries effectively. With the density rubber frame, it’s easy for players to avoid serious injuries while in a fight or practice. Hence, Venum mouthguard users get top protection whether they’re into MMA or any combat sports.

  • Includes a Protective Case 

Remember that good hygiene should be present always in using mouthguards. Here’s the good news: the Venum mouthguard has a protective case. Hence, you keep dirt and dust away from the mouthguard all the time.


  • A high-quality mouthguard made in Thailand
  • Different color choices for users
  • Provides excellent protection for your mouth, teeth, and jawbone


  • Users might feel little discomfort wearing the mouthguard at first

RDX Mouthguard

The RDX mouthguard is one of the best gums shields out there that use the boil and bite technology. The Tri-Flow technology allows you to breathe easily even during competitions. You can use RDX during extreme sparring sessions without worries.

RDX Mouthguard

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Players and athletes wouldn’t feel any irritations while using this mouthguard. Hence, you gain comfort and satisfaction with RDX anytime.


  • Poly Gel Latex-Free

Expect safety in using the RDX mouthguard due to the poly-gel latex-free material. Players are assured the mouthguard fits on your teeth perfectly. The built quality assures that the guard is in place even with constant usage. Also, you can open your mouth without any irritations using the RDX mouthguard.

  • Boil and Bite Technology

The RDX gum shield comes with Boil and Bite technology that’s easy to use. The high-class plastic softens in hot water, adopts high pressure, and solidifies. Expect to use a semi-custom mold that works well for you.

  • Tri-Flow Perforations

Like other mouthguards on this list, RDX allows users to breathe easily due to the Tri-flow perforations. Feel free to inhale and exhale while you’re in a practice session or in a match.

  • April Padding

MMA fighters would feel comfortable using RDX because of the April padding it has. The padding cushions your molars at the back. Also, the padding absorbs shock and prevents teeth or gum injury to happen.


  • Multiple colors for users
  • Excellent breathability due to Tri-Flow technology
  • Prevents teeth and gum injuries
  • Reliable Return Policy


  • At first, the mouthguard can feel bulky

Why Mouthguards are Necessary for MMA?

Teeth Protection

Every martial artist doesn’t want to lose a toot or two. Whether you’re in a competition or a sparring match, your teeth may be at risk. So, it’s always best to train with a mouthguard. Any punch or kick in the mouth is dangerous so don’t forget to wear a mouthguard when your training or in a match.

Prevents Jaw Injuries

A mouthguard’s protection goes beyond your teeth. Also, mouthguards protect the bones around your teeth. Mouthguards cushion and distribute the force of blows on your face to your face in order to lessen the impact on your jaw.

Save You Thousands of Money

Teeth injuries could happen to an athlete if he or she doesn’t wear a mouthguard. We know that dental appointments are costly, and you lose thousands of dollars in the process. So, it’s wise to buy a mouthguard that’s right for you.

Also, wearing mouthguards is a long-term investment for MMA athletes.  Mouthguards don’t only prevent injuries but keep you save time and money in going to the dentist. So, you choose a buy a mouthguard now.

But before that, let’s first talk about the types of best mouthguards for MMA available in the market.

Types of Mouthguards

MMA athletes and boxers can use three types of mouthguards, such as the following:

Stock Mouthguards

You often see these mouthguards in sporting goods stores. If you want full protection, this isn’t the mouthguard you should use. Why? Stock mouthguards offer low-level protection so that not many consumers buy these mouth guards.

Though, you can buy strong and effective mouthguards like the next two below.

Custom-Fit Mouthguard

A custom-fit mouthguard provides the perfect fit and protection for MMA, boxing, and other combat sports. Once you buy this mouthguard, you’ll receive a mouthguard that’s designed for your teeth. But don’t think that creating custom-fit mouthguards is tough to do.

The creation process takes several weeks. The company that would create your mouthguard sends you a kit that includes the instruction to create an impression of your teeth. Then, you send back that impression to the company. You wait until the specialist finishes creating your mouthguard.

Boil and Bite Mouthguard

The most common mouthguards for MMA and boxing are boil land bite mouthguards. These mouthguards are an inexpensive alternative to custom-fit mouthguards. Boil and bite mouthguards have specialized material that softens underwater, conform under pressure and solidify for your protection.

Most MMA fighters choose boil and bite mouthguards because they are easy to use. These guards work well, whether you’re in an MMA competition or training.  Boil and bite are the best mouthguards to use if you want solid teeth protection.

If you are interested in BJJ then check out this article.

Now, that you’re familiar with these three mouthguards, it’s time to decide what mouthguards are you going to buy?

What Is The Best Mouthguard for MMA?

Out top recommendation is that you choose a custom mouthguard like the number one mouthguard we reviewed in this article.

The Impact Custom Professional MMA Mouthguard provides solid protection and will fit perfectly.


Many people who play contact sports like MMA, boxing, or hockey know the importance of a good mouthguard. For example, one should consider what thickness and custom fit are best for them as well as how breathable it needs to be. Especially if they need to speak during the match while wearing this crucial piece of safety gear.

Forget all of the other gear on your list and grab a mouthguard. It’s one of those things that you can’t live without, but it also plays an important part in protecting teeth when playing sport. Don’t worry about price either; there are affordable options available for every budget!

Pro Tip: Make sure that the mouthguard you choose offers a perfect fit, comfort, and durability.