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Shock Doctor Trash Talker Review

Shock Doctor Trash Talker Mouthguard Review

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A mouthguard is a very important piece of equipment for several games such as boxing, martial arts, football, etc. It protects your teeth and jaw from any impact that may be harmful.

Various brands have specialized in mouth guards that come with specific benefits. Shock Doctor is also another reputed brand that has different types of mouth guards that provide protection and comfort at their best.

Shock Doctor Trash Talker Review

One such product from Shock Doctor is the Trash Talker Mouth Guard that comes with “no-mold” technology. This mouth guard has the benefit of being strapless, and you don’t have to boil it and mold it for use. This mouthguard is perfect for any activity that requires you to save your jaws from any impact such as basketball, football, lacrosse, boxing, or martial arts.

Shock Doctor Trash Talker Mouthguard Review

The Trash Talker Mouthguard protects your jaw and relaxes the mouth so that it does not block the breathing channel. This technology adds more airflow and makes the fit comfortable.

This strapless mouthguard keeps you safe and also helps you to speak freely.  The proprietary polymers and integral bite pads make the fit perfect, and one size is enough for everyone. It is available for children who are 11 years and above along with adults.


Easy breathing.

Mouthguards may be uncomfortable, and some may find it hard to breathe. But that is not how the Shock Doctor Trash Talker works. This mouthguard is equipped with the InVent technology that helps you to breathe with ease, and the airflow does not feel constricted. Even when the person is breathing fast and is very active, this mouthguard maintains the airflow. This increased and steady airflow makes breathing very easy and reasonable.


This mouthguard gives you absolute protection from any damage, even while playing extreme sports. It was designed with gel windows near the molars that work to cushion the impact that you may feel at the back of your mouth. It also provides shock absorption from severe blows in games such as hockey or football because of its durable outer layers. Its fit also makes sure that the mouthguard stays put and retains its protection ability.


Apart from protection, this mouthguard is designed to provide ultimate comfort. It has a body of proprietary flexible polymers and also comes with integral bite pads that fit snugly into your jaws. This leads to a great fit that does not give any uncomfortable feeling.


The Trash Talker Mouthguard follows all the manufacturing norms. They are free of latex, BPA and Phthalate. It follows the standards of National and State High School rules, and so they are generally suitable for children above 11 years of age and adults.

No boil and mold.

Some mouthguards have to be boiled at a specific temperature, and then you need to wear it so that it cools and fits your mouth perfectly. This has always been a hassle, and it also has the chance of burning your gums. But the Shock Doctor Trash Talker is designed with the ‘no mold’ technology.

The mouthguard is packed with detailed instructions and a temperature slip. This makes it possible for the mouthguard to be molded in low-temperature water, and that also within a period of only 60 seconds. You don’t need to boil it in hot water, and it easily remolds itself and gives a perfect fit.

This feature makes the Trash Talker easy to use and very safe for both kids (age 11+) and adults.

Easy to speak.

This mouthguard earns this name for a specific reason. It allows the user to speak, talk or shout freely without causing any uneasiness. Breathing and drinking are also very normal after wearing this mouthguard. It does give the hassle of removing it every time you have to say something. Your voice will still be clear and audible after wearing it.

Shock Doctor Mouth Guard Trash Talker

Additional features.

  • It works perfectly fine even if you have braces and won’t cause any discomfort.
  • This model of Shock Doctor mouthguard does not come with a tether and is strapless. It has a custom-like fit, which ensures that the mouthguard does not fall out even while playing very rough. This does not compromise the comfort and protection level, although some models designed for braces may have a tether.
  • It is guaranteed to protect your mouth from any damage. This claim is backed up by the company with a dental teeth warranty which costs $50,000.
  • It is available in only one size that fits people of all age groups who are 11 years and above. The Trash Talker mouthguard is designed to provide the perfect fit, and it molds itself to the size of the jaw and provides strength. The fit and performance of the mouthguard are the same regardless of the age of the user.


  • It provides protection that is guaranteed and backed by the company.
  • It is comfortable and allows you to speak freely after wearing it.
  • The gel windows absorb shock from any impacts on your jaws.
  • The gel fit liner gives a perfect mold and fits that feels like it has been custom made for your teeth.
  • The ‘no mold’ technology makes it hassle-free to use. No more fears of burning your gums while wearing a mouthguard.
  • The InVent technology makes it very easy to breathe by increasing airflow.
  • It is entirely free of industrial chemicals and plastics that can pose a risk to your health.


  • The size is limited as it is available only for those above 11 years of age. Size for children below 11 years would be great.
  • It does not have a tether which can make some athletes more conscious about the mouthguard slipping off even though the company claims that it fits snugly.

Conclusion of Shock Doctor Trash Talker Review

Shock Doctor Trash Talker Mouthguard is an excellent example of technology and science. It is suitable for children as well as adults. With protection and comfort as its most essential aspects, this mouthguard can be part of your crucial pieces of equipment for the game.

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