Top 4 Best Mouthguard for Field Hockey

The Best Mouthguard for Field Hockey

It’s not just about the gear, it’s about your safety. If you’re going to play field hockey, you need a mouthguard for protection. A mouthguard can help prevent serious injuries that could sideline or even end your career in the sport. This article will provide an overview of the best mouthguards and why they are needed for this specific sport.

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Best Mouthguard for Field Hockey

SISU Max 2.4mm Sports Mouth Guard

The best mouthguard for field hockey is the SISU Max Mouth Guard. Its patented design offers a high level of protection and comfort, making it perfect to wear during game time. The material used by this manufacturer is not only durable but also comfortable on the teeth and gums—something that many other brands do not provide. Furthermore, it is easy to take care of and does not stain.

SISU Max 2.4mm Sports Mouth Guard


  • The Max offers the most protection of any SISU mouthguard, but it is still thinner than conventional sports guards at 2.4 millimeters (mm).
  • The slim, custom fit of the mouthguard is comfortable to talk and breathe through while still providing protection for teeth.
  • Diffusix technology distributes the force of impact from contact sports which helps decrease injuries. 
  • The SISU Max NextGen mouth protector is a premium, warrantied dental protection for field hockey players over the age of 11. 

When it comes to field hockey, the SISU Max NextGen Mouth Guard offers more protection with less mouth guard. The Max NextGen is designed to fit players age 11 and up, including adults, and is ideal for football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, or boxing.

Check out our detailed review of the SISU MAX Mouthguard.

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

The OPRO POWER-FIT Mouth Guard features an advanced design that provides optimal protection, stability, and comfort during intense games or practices. Its patented CAGE Technology provides the best anatomical fit by forming to the user’s teeth & gums while providing excellent structural support. The Power-Fit Mouth Guard is ideal for football, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, or boxing.

OPRO Power-Fit Mouthguard

This design enables a more precise fit and greater protection than traditional boil and bite products on the market today.

The ultra gel lining provides a soft, comfortable cushion for the teeth and gums. It is designed to keep your mouthguard in place so it doesn’t shift or move out of position while playing.

The mouthguard design was created by a dentist so you can rest assured that you are getting the best protection for your teeth.

It also comes with its own protective carrying case to keep your mouthguard safe when not in use. 

Give this mouthguard a try and you will see how it protects against injuries while enabling better performance.

Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard

The Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth Guard is a product you can trust from the leader in mouth protection. This innovative and patented design will allow for comfort, durability, and performance each time it’s used. Its ultra-gel lining provides cushioning and shock absorption to your teeth when hit with force.

Shock Doctor Gel Mx Mouthguard Review

Lightweight but ultra-strong, the Heavy Duty Shock-frame is built to protect your teeth from contact with hard surfaces when you take a hard hit. This mouthguard is the best choice for anyone who wants to get their money’s worth.

The integrated breathing channels let you stay focused while breathing easier.

The Shock Doctor Gel Max is the perfect mouthguard for anyone looking to play field hockey. The Shock Doctor gel max strapless mouthguard is built to protect you. It uses a heavy-duty rubber exoskeletal frame that can withstand any kind of impact and a cushioned lining that will fit snugly on your teeth as it protects them from injury.

One major downside of this mouthguard is that you cannot use it with braces

Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard

The two-layer technology creates a rigid exterior with a softer inner gel lining to keep the guard snug and in place, protecting teeth, gums, lips, and jaw.

Redline Sportswear Custom Molded Mouthguard

You can keep your mouthguard protected from dirt and damage with the Vented Carrying Case, and clip it to a gym bag or locker.

The boil-and-bite design of the mouth guard is all that your child needs for a great, comfortable fit. The dual-layer with gel lining will keep you safe in any situation.

How to choose the best mouthguard for field hockey

The best field hockey mouthguard is one that provides a high level of protection and comfort. Mouthguards should also be comfortable to wear. The following are three major factors to keep in mind when shopping for an optimal field hockey mouth guard:

  • Protects the teeth and gums.
  • Provides comfort to wear all game long.
  • Is easy to take care of (does not stain).

The best field hockey mouthguard is one that provides a high level of protection, is comfortable for long-term use, and does not stain easily. Nowadays, the market is providing some of the best athletic and custom mouthguards. 

FAQs about wearing a mouthguard for field hockey

Q: What are the benefits of wearing a mouthguard?

A: Wearing a mouthguard can help reduce or prevent injuries by cushioning your teeth and gums from blows.

Q: How should I clean my field hockey mouthguard?  Can it stain easily?

A: A stained mouthpiece is unattractive, uncomfortable, and can reduce the level of protection. A mouthguard should be cleaned after each use.

Q: How do I know if my field hockey mouthpiece is fit correctly?  Is there an indicator?

A: There are a few indicators that can tell you if your mouthguard is not fit correctly. The first indicator may be an uncomfortable feeling in the jaw or teeth area, and it could also feel too tight on one side of your face while the other feels loose. 

Q: What is best about a field hockey mouthguard?  Are they different than regular ones for sports like football or basketball?

A: There is no difference between the best mouthguards for field hockey and regular ones. Field hockey mouthpieces are designed to be comfortable, protective, and fit securely in your mouth while you play.

Q: Are all sports mouth guards made equally?  Does it matter what kind I get?

A: There are a few differences in the material and the technology used to create them but overall the differences are not huge. Obviously, an expensive mouthguard will have better materials used and therefore better protection.


If you’re a field hockey player, we recommend that you wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth and keep playing. Field Hockey is an excellent sport for building lifelong skills of sportsmanship, teamwork, communication, and physical fitness! 

Mouthguards are cheap and easy to come by because they can be purchased online or at any sporting goods store. It will only take 10 minutes of your day so that you can continue doing the sport you love without having to worry about injury! And with our helpful guide on how to find the best mouthguards for this specific sport, there’s no reason not to.

We hope this article was helpful in learning more about the importance of wearing a mouthpiece while playing field hockey.