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SISU Max Mouthguard Review – Maximum Protection

SISU Max Mouthguard Review

In this article, we are going to do a full SISU Max Mouthguard Review.

If you know anything about mouth guards, then you know that SISU has made a name for itself in redefining personalized mouth guards. It seamlessly combines the best in technology and performance in such a personal item that protects your mouth.

These seemingly small pieces of equipment play a crucial role in keeping your teeth and mouth safe from damage. Anyone who plays such physically intense games like football, rugby and hockey understands and appreciates a good and sturdy mouth guard.

In this comprehensive post, we take a close look at the Max Mouthguard from SISU. We also discuss its pros and cons, if any. Let’s look at its features and what makes this mouth guard stand out from the others.

SISU Max Mouthguard Review

Material and construction

It is made of high-tech thermoplastic. This innovative material is 30% thinner and 50% stronger than conventional mouthguards. According to SISU, this material has a tensile strength that is eight times that of a normal one.

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This NextGen mouthguard is just 2.4mm thick, which is surprising at first. However, you will love the immaculate attention to detail that the manufacturers put into the construction of these mouth guards. The company makes no secret of the amount of research that took place into making this mouth guard, and it is clearly evident when you see this exceptional mouth guard.


The design of the Max mouth guard is unlike anything that you will see on the market. When you take the mouth guard out of the box, it is a flat arc that is quite unlike a conventional moth guard.

It has an ultra-thin design, which can make a first-timer doubt its capability to protect the mouth. The bite-pad is also a little wider than the original SISU mouthguard. The Max mouthguard has perforations all over the body, much like the other ones from the brand. The perforations are supposed to disperse the shock of impact when you get hit in the mouth. It also makes breathing through the teeth a lot easier.


The Max mouth guard performs exceptionally well. When you heat it and bite, it molds to your teeth and gums almost perfectly. Boil and bite mouth guards are known to bring grief to a lot of first-time users. However, using this mouthguard is effortless even for a first-timer.

If you get it wrong on the first attempt, you can easily reheat the part which needs a little more coaxing, and it fits like a glove. After you nail the fit, it sticks to your teeth, almost like a magnet that you would need to pry it off with your fingers.

Because of the ultra-thin design, you can hardly feel like you have safety equipment in your mouth. It is extremely comfortable wearing this mouth guard even for extended periods of practice or playing.

However, wearing this mouth guard for the first time can get a bit uncomfortable. It is because you will literally feel the mouth guard hardening around your teeth, which can be a bit weird. If you have also been used to wearing bulky mouth guards for some time, you might feel like you are not wearing one with the Max mouthguard. It is not something major, but we thought you might like to know.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This is a Paid Link.

Another huge advantage of the thin design is that you can easily drink water without removing the mouth guard. This is not something you will encounter in other mouth guards. The perforations in the design also make breathing easy.

What good is any mouth guard if it doesn’t provide protection to the mouth and the teeth? The Max mouthguard is touted to be 50% stronger than a traditional mouthguard.

The high tensile strength, as well as the innovative material used in the construction, makes this mouth guard a great performer. It keeps the mouth perfectly protected from injury. The use of diffusix technology, as well as the perforations in the body, distributes the force of the impact, which raises the level of protection to the mouth.

The Max mouthguard is specifically made for those players who play rugby, football, hockey, mixed martial arts, and other high-impact sports. It is suitable for use by those who are 11 years old and above.


Cleaning the Max mouth guard is straightforward. The design assists in keeping it hygienic even during use, as well. Conventional mouth guards require it to be removed while drinking during breaks making it quite difficult to keep it hygienic. This SISU mouth guard does not make a fuss at all while talking or having your drink.

Another big bonus of the Max mouth guard that it comes with a dental warranty of $35,000. This makes it easy to replace it with very fewer complications.

The Max mouth guard is free of latex, PVC, phthalates, and BPA, so you can use it with peace of mind.


  • Customized molding for a perfect fit
  • Very easy to use even for beginners
  • Ultra-thin design for added comfort
  • Perforations make it very easy to talk and breathe
  • $35,000 dental warranty
  • Affordable pricing considering its excellent design and performance
  • Different color options


  • The edges are quite hard and may not be suitable for young adults
  • Requires a number of uses to get used to it

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Final thoughts on SISU Max Mouthguard Review

This mouthguard from SISU is one of the most unconventional in terms of design. The innovative design works a lot in its favor. The slim outline, as well as the almost perfect molding, makes it a joy to wear this mouthguard.

But the best thing about the Max mouthguard is its strong performance, which is attributed to the premium materials. It not only keeps the mouth and the teeth safe but is hygienic and effortless to use.

Some might argue that the price is a bit high and they won’t be wrong. However, when you consider the outstanding features and the protection it offers your mouth, it is worth an investment.