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How To Clean A Mouthguard (4 Methods)

4 Ways To Clean A Mouthguard-min

When it comes to keeping your mouth and smile safe, having a sports mouthguard is really important. This is especially the case when you are playing heavy contact sports such as Soccer, Gridiron, ice hockey, boxing, or MMA. While we spend a lot of time making sure our uniform and team apparel look good its just as important if not more so to look after our mouthguard, its quick and easily done in a few minutes and should be part of your sports routine.

You might be a bit surprised to realise that millions of germs can be transported into your body every single time you touch your mouthguard. The pre or mid game trip to the bathroom, you don’t even want to think about it! dropped your mouthguard in the muddy oval where everyone walks their dogs! Yuck!

We have all done it! our mouthguard pops out in the middle of a game and its a quick rinse with water if you are lucky and back in your mouth to finish the game and win..we cant always control what happens in the heat of competition but we can control what is happening between games and off the field. So, keep your mouthguard clean. Nobody wants to put a dirty smelly mouthguard into their mouth before heading into a game, coming back out on the field or into the Ring.

A mouthguard has the potential to be a powerhouse for the bacteria. After all, germs tend to thrive the best in dark moist and warm environments, right? Dont let your mouthguard be that place. We have some simple inexpensive tips to maintain your mouth guard and protect your oral hygiene.

How To Clean A Mouthguard

You want to make sure that your mouthguard is absolutely clean so that germs are not transported into your mouth.

We want your mouthguard to be fresh and healthy all season. We have no doubt that these quick tips are going to be the best possible help in cleaning your sports mouthguard.

Use A Toothbrush

Here is a world-class tip for you that you need to use so that you can have your mouthguard as clean as new. When you are trying to clean your mouthguard, you need to use a toothbrush Like the “MOON” with its soft bristle so that you are able to reach into all the dips and curves caused by the impression of your teeth in the mouthguard.

A muddy playing field can make a mess of not just your sports gear but your mouthguard as well and you are not going to be wanting to carry that bacteria on to the next use of your mouth guard. in the heat of competition a simple rinse off may suffice to get the game finished. but for oral hygiene you are not going to want that mouthguard to fester in your training bag till the next game.

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There are specialty bush’s available, such as the “Brightworks” Aligner Brush which is purpose built for the job if you are not content to use a conventional tooth brush. But don’t relegate this task to an old toothbrush as best results are achieved with a fresh brush just like with your teeth,

All you have to do is brush your mouthguard with the toothbrush and then rinse it to have the desired effect.

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Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Our second tip which you can use in order to make sure that your mouthguard is clean and healthy, Hydrogen Peroxide. You can purchase from your local Pharmacy, medical warehouse or Amazon. It is not overly expensive and can be diluted to maximise value.

All you have to do is soak the mouthguard in the hydrogen peroxide for about a few minutes and it will be clean. However, you need to use the right amount of hydrogen peroxide as recommended by the manufacturer. These simple instructions can usually be found on the box the bottle comes in or on the label.

Using 3% of hydrogen peroxide is the best option for you. Keep the mouthguard soaked for about 10 minutes in total and then rinse it to clean your mouthguard in the best way without any trouble or hassle.

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Use Soap and Water

This is another one of the things that you can do in order to make sure that you are able to keep the bacteria off your mouthguard . There is not a lot of effort involved when you are using the soapy water or a premium cleaner for cleaning your mouthguard Just add to the water and let it soak.

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All you have to do is soak your mouthguard in soapy water and keep it like this for some time. After that, the germs and bacteria will be disinfected from the mouthguard of yours.

However, there is one thing you need to keep in mind and that is to use anti-bacterial soap or cleaner instead of any regular one.

Use Mouthguard Cleaners

You will definitely find the markets filled to the brim with amazing non-alcohol based cleaners that can be used in order to clean the mouthguard of yours in the best way. These products are made specifically with your mouthguard in mind.

These amazing cleaners like “FiZZY” are created just specifically for the mouthguard and there is no doubt that you will be able to find the best options available to you.

When you use these cleaners for your mouthguard, there will be no bacteria left after you clean it. So, you need to give this a try and see how it works for sure.

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Some Don’ts For Keeping Your Mouthguard Clean

When you need to keep your mouthguard clean and safe from other bacteria and germs, there are some things that you are not supposed to do. We are going to mention them briefly right here.

  • Don’t soak the mouthguard overnight. This can actually harm the mouthguard in the worst way for sure.
  • Make sure that you are not using the alcohol-based cleaners on your mouthwash because these can harm the quality of the mouthguard for sure.
  • Also, you are not supposed to use the sanitisers, bleach, dish soap, and other denture tablets in order to clean the mouthguard. There is a chance that these might go into your mouth.
  • Don’t store your mouthguard in the sports bag along with your sweaty clothes and other socks as well. All you need to do after you are done playing it is store it in a properly ventilated case in order to keep it safe.


So, these are some of the things which you are supposed to do and not do when it comes to having a proper and clean mouthguard for your sports activities. Make sure you follow the tips to have the best results.